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The Grant Process

  1. Your camp must be accredited through the American Camp Association, and a current member in good standing.  It is not necessary for your camp to be a client of UltraCamp.
  2. It is the intention of the UltraCamp Foundation to share the joy, commitment, and responsibility of giving the camp experience to sponsored children. If selected to receive funds, you are entering into a three-way financial agreement between UCF, your camp, and the beneficiaries’ family. Each invests as follows:
    • UCF requires that you reduce your camp fees applied to the beneficiary by 33%.
    • UCF requires that the parent or primary caregiver pay an agreed percentage of the total cost for their child or children to attend camp. This percentage is determined on the local camp level and does not involve the UCF team.
    • If your camp is selected to receive funds, UCF will then promise a grant. After review of the Post Camp Report, grant money is issued in a lump sum. This grant money is to be used exclusively toward the cost of children ages 7 – 18 to attend camp and is applied to individual accounts at the discretion of the local camp staff.
  3. The application process is time sensitive. To view application submission deadlines and grant schedule, click here
  4. Please review a sample of the Post Camp Report before completing the application. A clear understanding of the required information and the ability to provide it is imperative. Information collected on each camper, including first and last name, is required with no exceptions. If your organization is promised a grant, the Post Camp Report must be completed after your camp season and submitted through this website.

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The UltraCamp Foundation is a DBA for the Daniel and Joelle Ashley Foundation.